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Montville Township

A wonderful place to live, a great place to do business.

Montville Township is located in Northeast Ohio's economically prosperous Medina County.  It is convenient to both Cleveland and Akron/Canton, connected by a superb Interstate highway system. Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is just a short drive away.  

Montville Township is a great place to do business, and it is also a wonderful place to live with beautiful, safe, and friendly neighborhoods, interspersed with farms and open space, yet close to all the amenities of the city.

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Township Income Taxes

There are two types of local income tax permitted by law in the State of Ohio, a residence income tax and a work city income tax. 

Resident Income Tax: There is no income tax in the township and you do not need to file any local form for the period you live in the township. By law, a township can not access a resident income tax in any township in Ohio.  The township provides services to their residents with operating monies collected from property taxes and special levies such as a police levy, fire levy or ambulance levy.  In Montville Township, we have been fortunate to have three levies pass which provide our residents with wonderful services.

Work City Income Tax:  If you work in any city or a JEDD district your employer is probably deducting a local tax that is called a work city income tax.  In Medina City and in the Montville/Medina City JEDD District that tax is currently 1.25% of your gross wages.  The collection of this money helps the community to provide the basic costly services to the workers commuting into the area and the residents for repair of roads, snow removal, police, fire and ambulance services.

Consult your Tax Adviser:  Local income taxes are based on where you live.

*If you live in Montville Township there are no income taxes or forms.

*If you live in a city that has an income tax you need to file their income tax form as a resident of that city and pay their tax regardless of where you work.

*If you have moved into the Township during the year from a city, you still need to file a city income tax form to the city you previously lived for the period you lived there, informing them of your moving date. Again, there would be no income tax forms to file for the period you lived in Montville Township.



Township builds new maintenance facility and attaches adminstration building to safety service center.

Montville Township continues to move forward with the construction of the new service and maintenance facility on the northwest corner of Poe Road and ...