Township Governance

Montville Township Governance

Our township government has three branches, with trustees serving as the executive branch, who coordinate utilities, roads, police, fire and LST – life support team departments, parks, cemeteries, zoning and township staff. Montville Township also has an elected fiscal officer who handles the financial aspects of the township. Current trustees are Ron Bischof, Jeff Brandon and Sally Albrecht. The township’s fiscal officer is Mary Pawlowski.

The Montville Township Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) serves as the judicial branch and operates as a quasi-judicial body and reviews evidence supported facts (not opinions) regarding the granting of Variances and Conditional Use Permits to properties in the township. Currently, Allen Biehl serves as the Chair of the BZA, with Ron Tanski as the Vice Chair. Other members are Fran Eden, Rebecca Molnar, and Terry Hughes. Alternate members are Ted Lesiak and Donna Watkins.

The Zoning Commission (ZC) serves as the legislative branch, developing the zoning regulations and future zoning plans for the township. Currently, Alan Piatak serves as the Chair of the ZC, with John Vujevich as the Vice Chair. Other members are David Wetzel, Mary Pawlowski, and Pat Ryan. Alternate members are Elaine Siegfried and Ron Potter.

Functions of Montville Township

Montville Township is one of seventeen townships in Medina County. Unlike many townships, Montville has its own police department, headed by Chief Terry Grice. It has 13 full-time police officers, including two sergeants, one part-time officer, 3 auxillaries, and a K-9 unit. The operation of the Police Department is funded through a Police Levy. Montville Township contracts with the City of Medina for fire protection and life support for the township.

Maintaining township roads is a high priority component of township government and Montville has close to 55 miles of roads to be plowed, repaired and maintained. This includes snow removal, road repair, ditches, culverts as well as town hall maintenance. This department has 5 fulltime employees. At the present time funding for township maintenance comes from state motor vehicle license fees and state motor vehicle fuel tax. Presently, Montville does not have a road levy.

Montville Township has a zoning department that approves permits for new homes, fences, patios, decks, pools, additions, and accessory buildings. The zoning office works closely with the Montville Township BZA and the ZC. The BZA meets the first and third Monday of each month at 7 pm at the town hall. The ZC meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at 7 pm at the town hall. 

Other functions of the township include the maintenance of the three township cemeteries: Crofoot HillCase Anderson and Poe Cemeteries; the monitoring of utilities and utility projects (sewers, cell phone towers, gas, electric and cable service); the support of economic development; and the care and maintenance of the two township parks: Whitetail Park and Cobblestone Park.