Crofoot Cemetery
Case-Anderson Cemetery
Poe Cemetery

There are three cemeteries in Montville Township: Crofoot Hill, Case Anderson and Poe Cemetery. Crofoot and Case Anderson are the resting places of the earliest settlers. Poe Cemetery continues to grow in size and is used today.

Crofoot Hill Cemetery 

Crofoot Hill Cemetery is located on Wadsworth Road across from the River Styx Road intersection near Crofoot Hill and is the burial grounds for some of Montville Township’s earliest settlers. At this place, there are monuments of Honorable Philo Welton and his wife, Caleb Chase, Parker Pelton, his wife and two sons, and Mary, wife of Austin Badger.  See more of Crofoot Cemetery.

Case Anderson Cemetery

The second of the old cemeteries is located just east of Wadsworth Road on Sharon Copley Road and accommodated those in the northern section of the township. See more of Case-Anderson Cemetery.

Poe Cemetery

The Poe Cemetery is located on Poe Road at State Route 57 and is still in use today. Adjoining properties were purchased by the township to expand when needed. An addition has taken place adding new grave sites, a columbarium and patio area. See more of Poe Cemetery.

Western Reserve National Cemetery

Western Reserve National Cemetery is located at 10175 Rawiga Road, Rittman, Ohio, approximately 10 miles from Montville Township and is one of two of Ohio’s national cemeteries.  Currently, there are more than 540,000 veterans residing at this 273-acre cemetery. Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery features a pathway that is lined with memorials that honor America’s veterans, which have been donated by various organizations.  map and directions