Board Minutes

The approved minutes for the previous three meetings of the Board of Trustees, the Zoning Commission and the Board of Zoning Appeals are available online here.

Past approved minutes are on file at the Montville Township Administration Building.


Zoning Resolution

The current Montville Township Zoning Resolution is online - click here to the table of contents where you can view or download.


Comprehensive Plan

Links to the 2006 Montville Township Comprehensive Plan along with an Executive Summary can be found on the Ecomomic Development: Ecomomic Plan page.


Property Maintenance Code

Newly adopted property maintenance code for structures and properties is available by clicking here.


Township Tree Lawn Resolution 

The Board of Trustees of Montville Township has adopted the a tree lawn planting resolution for trees within the road right of way of Montville Township. List of trees permitted


Medina County Sanitary Sewer Map

The Medina County Sanitary Engineers maintain approximately 530 miles of sanitary sewers throughout the county. There are three Waste Water Treatment Plants which have the total average rated daily capacity of 19.5 million gallon per day while they are presently treating approximately 10.0 million gallon per day and serving approximately 35,000 homes and businesses.

Sanitary Sewer Map

The map is large in size and will take some time to download, please be patient.

Medina County Public Water Line Map

The Medina County Sanitary Engineers have approximately 435 miles of water lines, 17 water storage tanks, 12 water pumping stations, and 3 water treatment plants that currently service approximately 14,000 customers. The majority of the water supplied by the County is obtained from the Avon Lake Water Treatment Plant via Rural Lorain County Water Authority.

Water Line Map

The map is large in size and will take some time to download, please be patient.