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Austin Badger Park

This picturesque park was originally farmland and woods until the 1970’s when it was purchased by several Cleveland businessmen who used it as a private hunting and fishing club.  In 1992, the Hoffman Limited Company bought it for three phases of the Montville Lake subdivision.  Phase three of that development included the Blue Heron Golf Course where that business operated for about six years.  The golf course was designed around the ravines and woods. 

Much gratitude goes to Dave and Gayle Kelley, who purchased the property and buildings under foreclosure in 2012 and sold the golf course portion to Montville Township who paid for approximately 75% of it with a Clean Ohio Grant.  Also, many thanks to Biologists Randy Mitchell and Chris Cheney from the University of Akron who inventoried every animal, plant, insect, tree, and bird for the grant application. 

The 252-acre Blue Heron Park parcel will be divided into three separate parks.  The first park, Austin Badger Fitness Park, was opened September 2016 and was named in memory of one of Montville Township’s first settlers.   A second park is planned to be a nature reserve and is underway.

Future plans are in the works for the third and final park area.


Austin Badger Park offers varying elevations of 2.3 miles of concrete walking trails.  Exercise enthusiasts can achieve the ultimate workout by turning left after crossing Bridge One.  The more casual walker can enjoy a leisurely stroll by turning right.

Montville Township is grateful to both the Cleveland Area Mountain Bike Association (CAMBA) for their donation of 3.6 miles of mountain bike trails professionally designed for both the intermediate and experienced ride; and also to the Cleveland Clinic for the donation of four Fitness Stations that provide a unique outdoor exercise addition to a walk or jog through the park.


Austin Badger Park Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - September 14, 2016