Juvenile Diversion Program


Juvenile Diversion Program

In partnership with Medina County Juvenile Judge Kevin W. Dunn, the Juvenile Diversion program was established as a voluntary program that utilizes driving simulators and class room instruction taught by police officers from various police departments in Medina County. The program is taught on Saturdays at Medina High School for three hours. This program is an alternative to going through the Juvenile Court system and having a juvenile record.

The Juvenile Diversion Program is designed for first time juvenile traffic offenders and some minor criminal offenses. It has been documented that this program is very successful.

We have included some of the correspondence from students completing the course.

The following agencies are participating in the Juvenile Diversion program:

  • Montville Police Department
  • City of Medina Police Dpartment
  • Medina Township Police Department
  • Brunswick Police Department
  • Brunswick Hills Police Department
  • Spencer Police Department
  • Wadsworth Police Department
  • Seville Police Department
  • Westfield Police Department
  • Hinckley Police Department
  • Medina County Sheriff's Department

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