Cable TV Consumer Hotline:

If you are experiencing contact or service issues with your cable company, please report your problem to the Ohio Department of Commerce through the following avenues:

Phone: 1- 800- 686- 7826

Website: Com.state.oh.us

Email: VSA@com.state.oh.us

Do's and Don'ts of Recycling:


Plastic Bottles

Paper and Cardboard

Metals (aluminum cans, aerosol cans with lids and tips removed, metal cans and lids, tin cans and aluminum foil and pans free from food)



Latex paint cans (Water-based paint cans should be disposed of in the trash by following these steps: Solidify the remaining paint in the can by air drying, using a drying agent (saw dust, cat litter, speedy dry or plaster of paris) discard can with lid off so waste collector can see that the paint has been dried.


Garbage, Food, Yard Waste, Plastic Bags (Ziploc, grocery, garbage), Styrofoam, Tissues, Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Electronics, Large Plastic Buckets, Plastic Silverware, Plastic Drinking Cups Plates Bowls, Pots or Pans, Syringes/Needles, Light Bulbs, Drinking Glasses, Batteries, Ceramics, Foil Juice Pouches

Street Light Not Working?

If you spot a street light that is not working, report the problem with exact location to Trustee Sally Albrecht (email).

Utility Providers in Montville Township

For a list of Utility Providers including phone numbers and website links click here.